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Ownership verified by KD Very versatile AMC7135 board
Posted by lanchester02  on   1/29/2012 6:22:12 PM
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Many options for customization Flat regulation and efficient operation on single li-ion cell Good build quality


Slightly more expensive than a regular amc based regulator board.


This is the best regulator to get if you want options, short of programming your own micro-controller.
Ownership verified by KD Good quality driver
Posted by Vortigont  on   7/20/2012 2:54:56 PM
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Good quality PCB, soldering is clean, large (for manual soldering) pads for wires. Max current is ~2.2A as stated, good for a small torch - not stressing the LED at max. Low batt mode realy works, triggers at 2,87v approx, can be handy in some situations. Comes with a clear instructions for programing and 2 small wires for the LED.


Low mode is TOO low, just like a true firefly :) I cant see any real-life use for this, would prefer 30%/60%/100% version instead. So its limited for 2 modes actualy - HI/MED and various blinking.


Good versatile driver for a reasonable price. Perfect choice for a small torch, I gave it 4* only for a useless firefly mode.

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