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Ownership verified by KD Incredibly practical light
Posted by jmccork94  on   10/29/2017 9:59:45 PM
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Large bright hotspot Incredibly solid feeling host Heat is not an issue


A bit of tint shift not sure why the 5000k version has a SMO reflector Button can be hard to press.


This light is much more practical for me than my single 219C C8 with 3 modes and max brightness of maybe 500 lumens. The spill is quite bright, the throw is very practical with a hotspot wide enough to light an entire bike path at 50m. It also runs surprisingly cool. It might just be how beefy this host is, or how under driven the XHP50.2 is, but it handles high very well. It's still quite throwy despite the large emitter and the spill is numerous times brighter than my other C8 making it very useful for seeing up close as well as lighting up hillsides 75m+ away. The 2600 lumen rating may be a bit optimistic, but I'm still getting a roundabout 2000 so I'm quite happy with this light.

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